Monsters of Feyland 2 for 5th Edition

Created by Cawood Publishing

Feyland just got a lot stranger! 120 new monsters for your 5th Edition game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Surveys closing in three days
21 days ago – Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 10:26:22 AM

Greetings! A quick update to thank the 90% of backers who filled in their surveys quickly. They will be locked in three days. Pre-orders will remain open for now. 

Winter region of Feyland (WIP)

The text is almost done and some of the art for the maps has been completed. Once we have most of the older PDF orders (all the PDFs accept Feyland 2) we'll send those out in August. 

- Andrew and the team

Backerkit Surveys Sent!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jul 08, 2022 at 12:59:44 PM

Greetings everyone, we've just sent out all the Backerkit surveys. These help us to gather all the information we need for shipping and give you a chance to add more to your pledge. All the books in the Monsters series, a number of Game Master handbooks, our World of Myrr setting, 120-page notebooks, stickers featuring monsters from all the books, and a comic book are available. We'll keep the Backerkit open until the end of July, so you have time to add to your order or make any other changes. 

If you have any questions, email us at


We're currently finishing the text and editing should start any day now. After seeing how many books we have to print, we have decided to include two PC subclasses and fey bargain tables!

The book is currently 158 pages with 40000 words. Most of the 120 monsters are fey. Some monstrosities, undead, elementals, constructs, humanoids, dragons, plants, two beasts, and one giant are included. 

New Art

Here's Scarlett Myrr from the new book. Yes, she's the daughter of Oswald Myrr from our Wilderness book. 

Illustration by Travis Hanson, Layout by Gordon McAlpin, Design by Andrew Cawood

Schedule for Sending out PDFs

Once the Backerkit closes at the end of July we'll start sending out the PDFs (except the Feyland 2 PDF). 

-Andrew and the team

Thanks to 610 people we're funded!
2 months ago – Sun, Jun 12, 2022 at 01:31:12 PM

What a wild ride! We've done nine Kickstarters now and that was something. Over 100 people joined the project over the last couple of days. Not only is the book funded, you've also unlocked two Stretch Goals! Thanks for backing us!

Stretch Goals

Monsters of Feyland 2 will have 20 extra monsters (up to 120 now) and a map for each of the seven regions. Travis Hanson will be doing the maps and they'll have more detail than the initial Feyland map. Although the Fey Bargain tables and PC subclasses weren't unlocked, we'll see if we can include those. We won't know an exact count of the books we will need for a few days. That cost will be a factor in considering how big the book can be. 

What Next?

Kickstarter takes about 8 days or so to verify charges and finalize a few details. Then we'll know exact totals for the books we'll need to make. The Backerkit should be ready in a couple of weeks or so. That will give you some more options to add as rewards to your pledge. We'll also make up a schedule soon to send out the PDFs that are already ready. 

Long Term

In the meantime, we'll get to work finishing the text and do some more playtesting. Editing is scheduled for July and we hope to pass the text to our Layout in mid to late July. The bulk of the art will be completed in the summer and fall. Then we have another round of layout and editing. 

Thanks, Andrew and the team

Final 3 Days! Stretch Goals!
2 months ago – Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 04:58:50 PM

Hey there, we're coming into the final stretch. Here on the West Coast of Canada we still have most of Sunday, all Monday, and most of Tuesday to go. The project ends at 600pm PST/900pm EST on Tuesday. 

We can still get the Stretch Goals! We hope a number of the hundreds of people signed up for the 48-hour alert will join us. That will go out around 6pm PST/9pm EST today.

Stretch Goals

A reminder of what we can still add to the book.

Interviews about the Kickstarter

  • Thanks to Dave and the Nerdarchists for having us as their guest on Nerdarchy. We discussed the Kickstarter and RPGs:  Monsters of Feyland 2 on Nerdarchy 
  •  Teachers in the Dungeon. We joined Tom and Dan to discuss the Kickstarter and the Monsters series: Teachers in the Dungeon podcast 
  • We were the guest on DM Toolbox with Joe: DM Toolbox on YouTube 
  •  JNJ Tabletop. Chatted with Jake and Josh about Monsters of Feyland 2 and ran a one-shot adventure with two monsters from the Kickstarter: JNJ Tabletop 
  •  Goodman Games Twitch show hosted by Aphi and Jeremy. We joined two other guests and each created a one shot in 30 minutes: Goodman Games Twitch 

Articles about the project

-Andrew and the team

Final 24 hours! Let's unlock more Stretch Goals!
2 months ago – Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 04:58:33 PM

We had a big day today. 10% of the backers have joined since the 48-hour alert went out! Thanks for coming on the ride! We'd love it if everyone could share the project far and wide! The Kickstarter funding phase ends at 6pm PST/9pm EST tomorrow. 

Most importantly we've unlocked the first Stretch Goal. The book will now have 20 extra monsters, taking the total to 120!

-Andrew and the team